Oak Staircases in Oakham, Rutland and the Surrounding Areas

If you are planning on renovating or replacing your staircase in, oak components are a great option for a broad variety of spaces in Rutland, Oakham and the surrounding areas. Combining wood with other materials, we create beautiful and practical oak staircases to match individual tastes and requirements. No matter your needs, we design ideal wooden staircases which last many years.


There are a number of benefits customers enjoy when they choose bespoke oak stairs, designed by an expert joinery company, such as The Rutland Workshop Limited. Just some of the advantages of this style are:




Oak is an adaptable material which we provide in a broad variety of finishes to suit every space and taste. When treated to retain its natural colour, oak staircases prove unobtrusive and the perfect solution for customers who would like bold furnishings or stand-out components.


Because it is also an easy wood to paint or stain, we are able to meet a broad variety of specific styles for all homes in Oakham and Rutland.


When constructing new builds, oak frames are an excellent option for creating beautiful interiors. Crafting matching staircases, we provide homes with neat, attractive finishes.

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Throughout the years, oak has remained a favoured material for wooden staircases. Due to its qualities as a highly pliable and easy-to-manipulate material, there are a number of possible looks and styles we can create.


Combining wood with other materials, such as glass and metal balustrades, metal handrails and stainless-steel fittings, we provide endless design possibilities. Glass and oak staircases are a popular option for creating light and airy spaces with a modern, sleek feel, while the addition of metal elements gives yet a further dimension.


From contemporary to traditional and rustic designs, oak staircases are the ideal solution no matter your tastes or desired effect.




Standing the test of time, oak never goes out of fashion, meaning it will continue to offer a stylish finish whichever way trends go. It is also an incredibly hardy wood requiring minimal maintenance. If well-cared for, components should not need repairing or replacing for a considerable number of years.


The Rutland Workshop also provides other types of wooden staircases in a range of finishes, all of which meet the highest standards of quality and durability. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.




Oak is an abundant and readily-available material, meaning it is more environmentally friendly than other options, such as mahogany, as well as being a more cost-effective choice. Being both sustainable and attractive, oak is an ideal option for homes in Rutland and Oakham.


Customers trust The Rutland Workshop for future-proof solutions and an unbeatable level of service. That’s why so many happy customers return to us for further bespoke joinery projects.


To discover the design possibilities of oak staircases for your property in Oakham and the Rutland Area, call 07971 564573 or 01572 824033.

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wooden frames in Oakham 4
wooden frames in Oakham 5
wooden frames in Oakham 4
wooden frames in Oakham 5